Back to Cool

(From left to right): Maribu skirt, $76, Curio + Kind T-shirt, $48, both from Wee Chic. La Miniatura tuxedo shirt, $68, Wee Chic. Shorts are model's own. Mayoral polo, $19, Mayoral sweater, $37, Appaman hat, $33, Polo Ralph Lauren pants, $40, all from The Pied Piper.

Where to shop:
Galette Children's Apparel:
Octavia II: The Village of Cross Keys. 5100 Falls Road, Baltimore
The Pied Piper: 32 Village Square, The Village of Cross Keys, 5100 Falls Road, Baltimore
Wee Chic: Green Spring Station, 10751 Falls Road, Lutherville
Paris West Optical, 521 N. Charles, Mount Vernon, Baltimore

About the shoot:
Photographed by Kenneth K. Lam, The Baltimore Sun. On location at Betamore, 1111 Light St., Federal Hill (Betamore provides education and work space for tech-based entrepreneurs;; and The Rusty Scupper, 402 Key Hwy., Baltimore (

Models: Thank you to Wee Chic's Little Characters campaign for models Andrew, Caroline and Sydney. Thanks also to our other models, Aidan, Hayden and L.V.

Styling by John-John Williams IV
Styling Assistance by Leah Polakoff
Hair by Leah Sarah Bassett, T.H.E. Artist Agency
Makeup by Dana Hurd-Spence, T.H.E. Artist Agency
(Kenneth K. Lam, Baltimore Sun photo / June 26, 2013)

Doesn't anyone at The Sun ever feel embarrassed by the articles in the Health & Style section about clothes that are so expensive most people can't afford them ("Back to cool fashions," July 26)?

The feature with child models (only two of whom are nonwhite) wearing expensive clothing was awful. Do you really think most mothers or fathers would spend $76 for a skirt, $68 for a "tuxedo shirt" or $55 for jeans — all of which will be quickly outgrown? Who are you fooling?

Then there's John-John Williams IV's selection of Fashion 5 items. I'm totally disgusted, and I'm white, 72, own my own home and have a college degree and a successful career. Imagine what a lot of your readers who are not as "privileged" as I am must think or feel.

Linda C. Franklin, Baltimore