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Can't vote for Obama, scared by the Republicans

Barack ObamaRepublican PartyMaxine Waters

I agree with Dovey Kahn and Fred Pasek that some will have to hold their nose when voting in the election for president ("Why I'm stuck with Obama," Sept. 4, and "Voting for the Republican, by default," Sept. 6). I certainly can't vote for President Obama who has been much more than a disappointment, and the current Republican candidates either don't move me or downright scare me.

However, Ms. Kahn's assertion that the Republicans have opposed President Obama no matter what the issue is not exactly correct. Could it be that they just do not agree with him? Also, the vitriol that I have seen comes mainly from the left, witness Rep. Maxine Waters' tirade against the tea party. I really want to vote for someone and not just against someone. I'm tired of holding my nose. It makes it hard to breathe.

Mignon Rosenthal, Pikesville

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Barack ObamaRepublican PartyMaxine Waters
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