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Preschool suspensions point to family failings, not school's [Letter]

I am flabbergasted and dismayed but mostly depressed by the editorial regarding 3- and 4-year-olds being removed from school because of disruptive behavior ("Pre-K suspensions make no sense," Nov. 12). I am distressed not by the actions of the school but that these children are assaulting not just other kids but their teachers!

Imagine, these preschool children are assaulting their teachers! The editorial writer has the temerity to say that the behavior will not improve if they are sent home because they are the ones that need to be in school the most. No, they are the ones that need parental guidance the most. Their behavior will definitely not improve because the parents in these environments are not involved. Whose fault is that?

I blame our liberal policies and political correctness that an editorial writer will not mention the underlying cause is the breakdown of cohesive families. We need to do better, especially for the kids in these schools who want to learn and succeed in a safe place. Parent Teacher Association, anyone?

Mignon Rosenthal, Pikesville

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