No power? No whining

Nobody likes to be inconvenienced with power outages. Of course it is hard, but in a case like this you can't expect the power companies to fix everything immediately. It amazes me that they can clear up all those trees, debris and downed lines as quickly as they do. We should be glad if we only have the problem of no power and that our homes aren't completely destroyed.

The Carr family ("Four days without juice, too much time spent in Panera," Sept. 1) should be glad they had a generator and not complain that it made it hard for their son to sleep. And there are lots of things you can do without electricity besides stare at each other and drink beer. Go for a walk, play board games, word games, card games, tell stories, sing songs, play hide and seek.

And what is so novel about hanging your clothes up to dry? That's what we all used to do not many years ago.

Margery Coates, Havre de Grace

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