Shutdown an indictment of our two-party system

Perhaps it's time for our nation to look long and hard at our faltering, staid conventional two-party system. It has pathetically morphed into a churlish, immature tug of war between the Democrats and Republicans ("Under federal shutdown, many Marylanders face an uncertain work week," Oct. 1).

When the country's leadership has devolved into immature, garrulous factions of both parties whose intentions are unequivocally self-serving, it's high time to reconsider our tradition-based system of governance.

When the people we have elected resort to sandbox power struggles, the time has indeed come to step back and perhaps look at new templates that offer more results-based governance and not the pathetic whining and whimpering of the juvenile fools on the hill in our nation's capital.

Patrick R. Lynch, Nottingham

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