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Get ready for another American age of freedom

The more I think about the current mind sets of the Republican and Democratic parties, the more I am reminded about the Civil War. If one replaces the word "slavery" with words like "same-sex marriage, abortion and immigration," the results are very similar.

Republicans and Democrats are entrenched in their opinions and biases. There is very little intelligent review of the facts of this "conflict." If the political leaders say it is so, then it is so. The identical prejudice some white folks had for the slave is the identical emotion toward gays and immigrants. And the similarity between the southern and northern attitude is striking.

However, when one looks at the calendar and remembers that this nation is only 236 years old, one can almost excuse the childish attitudes of some inhabitants. We are toddlers when it comes to our place in history.

So, how is it going to play out? Cheery! Youthful folks are color blind, have no opinion of gender or sexual preference, and dismiss wars. Soon, when a young man of color gets caught stealing a car, the media will say: "Twenty three-year-old male captured." If my research is correct, then, the descendants of those people who were against slavery will again triumph, and another age of American freedom and maturity will commence.

John Holter, Baltimore

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