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Hogan is right on police pensions [Letter]

Republican gubernatorial candidate Larry Hogan's ideas concerning exempting police pensions from state income tax has the advantage of getting those pensioners to remain in the state of Maryland after retirement ("Pension pandering," Aug. 13). Those same pensioners will continue to pay taxes such as sales, gasoline, the so-called rain tax, property and all the others that burden Marylanders. Without this incentive many retirees vote "with their feet" and leave the state and end up paying nothing into Maryland's coffers.

Are police any better than firefighters, soldiers or school teachers? No, not really. But few military retirees have been assigned here in Maryland their entire careers and have the ties to the state that the police officers do. School teachers often change careers and don't become eligible for their pensions. As to those in the fire service, give them the benefit as well. I know entirely too many police pensioners that I will never see again as they have moved from Maryland to avoid the tax burden and retain the benefits that they have received after a career that has generally reduced their life expectancy and caused some upheaval in their personal lives while they earned them.

George Trainor, Towson

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