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Sun dishonestly recalls St. Pat's Day violence

The Sun's recent article, "City police beef up patrols" (March 8), is so lacking in a grasp of reality that it not only didn't warrant font page, above the fold placement.

The implication is that the Irish or those who claim to be on Saint Patrick's Day were somehow responsible for the thuggish, rather common behavior in and around the Inner Harbor last year, including the brutal and humiliating attack on a visitor to Charm City is, in a single word, pathetic.

Given that The Sun would never have the courage to tell the truth about the events chronicled in the article, I'm left with the challenge of an analogy, so here it is. To say that the horror of what happened in and around the Inner Harbor last year is somehow related to a true Saint Patrick's Day celebration is like saying that an al-Qaida observance of 9-11 is the same as the solemn observance in the United States of those who died so unnecessarily.

The writer, her editor, and The Sun should be ashamed, but I doubt that they will be.

Stephan G. Fugate, Baltimore

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