City officer's killing of pet dog tarnishes the image of all police [Letter]

I would like to thank Lori K. Brown for her well written commentary on the killing of a frightened pet dog by a Baltimore City police officer. It was an incredibly vile incident ("Lessons from Nala," June 30).

There is no reason or excuse to possibly justify the officers' actions, and one can only hope that justice will be served with a tough punishment that sends a strong message such to law enforcement officials nationwide.

I am employed in law enforcement in another state, so I have no personal knowledge of the mindset of the Baltimore City Police Department. However, I do know all too well the feeling of being caught totally off-guard by the actions of a fellow officer.

In my 20-plus years with my department, there have been too many cases of "I never thought Officer X would ever do that!"

We, too, are human. But though we are held to a higher standard of conduct, we are also cursed with the same ability to make bad choices and decisions.

While there surely are corrupt departments, sheriffs and chiefs who use their positions to conceal improprieties, be assured that the majority of law enforcement officers try to do their jobs with honor. It is truly unfortunate when a few bad apples pollute that honor with the foul stench of evil.

James LaCroix

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