Ferguson, Mo., shooting makes the case for police to wear video cameras [Letter]

Seeing news reports about the recent shooting and its aftermath in Ferguson, Mo., makes me wonder whether all police officers should be armed with new weapon, the uniform-mounted video camera ("'Another senseless death,'" Aug. 13).

Arming officers with cameras and recording devices would document exactly what takes place in any police situation and action. Officers would be required to activate the device before each action, even in minor situations such as issuing traffic citations. The record would constitute a major part of every officer's police report.

This would protect both the public and the police. A video and audio record would provide legal evidence as to whether the police overstepped their authority, had a legitimate case of self defense, and/or whether a suspect was actually resisting arrest and greater force needed to be applied. Officers would also realize their actions, being recorded, could result in disciplinary action or even criminal prosecution if unwarranted excess force were used. Video footage of a search/arrest could provide documented evidence at a criminal trial, bolstering or refuting the prosecution's case.

Stuart Hirsch, Reisterstown

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