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The Sun's false comparison on Plan B

The Baltimore Sun editorial, "Plan B restrictions — better, but not best," (May 2) attempted to draw comparisons between two very different over-the-counter (OTC) medicines and ultimately provided an inaccurate and misleading characterization of a medicine that millions of pain sufferers rely on every day: acetaminophen.

Acetaminophen is the most commonly used pain reliever in the United States because it is safe and effective at reducing pain and fever. Like any medicine, it must be taken properly. Taking too much can hurt your liver, but following the dosing instructions on the label will ensure you get the safe and effective dose.

As a member of the Acetaminophen Awareness Coalition, the Consumer Healthcare Products Association Educational Foundation works to remind consumers that acetaminophen is found in over 600 medicines — both prescription and OTC medicines. Through the coalition's campaign, Know Your Dose, we urge consumers to always read and follow the label, to know if your medicines contain acetaminophen, and to never take two medicines that contain acetaminophen at the same time. To learn more, visit KnowYourDose.org.

Emily Skor

The writer is vice president for communications and alliance development at the Consumer Healthcare Products Association.

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