Another diatribe against pit bulls

Rodricks demonizes the breed again

As a woman of a certain age and a pit bull adopter, I was dismayed to read another attack on pit bulls by columnist Dan Rodricks that this time seemed to question whether senior citizens are appropriate companions for such dogs ("In Frederick, a tragic reminder of pit bull ruling," Jan. 20).

Mr. Rodricks asks whether there is full disclosure about the risks of adopting a pit bull. The Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter provided me with adequate printed material on the risks and responsibilities of adopting any pet, along with lists of supportive resources and counseling to address any potential special challenges that might arise.

The demonization of pit bulls has not decreased their numbers in the community or in shelters. A compassionate approach to pet overpopulation is not only morally sound but fiscally responsible.

How rewarding it would be to read Mr. Rodricks one day to find in place of another pit bull diatribe a column lionizing the citizens who provide education, advocacy and direct service on behalf of animals who cannot speak for themselves.

Hazel Laing, Baltimore

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