Pit bulls still dangerous [Letter]

I want to thank journalist Dan Rodricks for his informative column about pit bulls ("Two years after Maryland court ruling, pit bulls on attack," April 26). It helps me understand more about the pit bull lover uproar and their jargon about it being "the owner, not the breed." However, nothing will ever help me understand why the pit bull lover groups refuse to look at the facts. A pit bull mauling and/or fatality occurs on a daily basis in our nation, and the data is right there if they desire to look at it. These pit bull fanatics are truly an ignorant group that is putting all of us in danger as a result.

Since more and more people have been choosing to own this dangerous breed, I have recently started carrying a stun gun with me on walks and hikes when I used to just carry a house key. Thank you for doing something to try to help shed some light on this. Keeping my fingers crossed that this eventually gets remedied.

Tracy Volponi, San Mateo, Calif.

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