Maryland SPCA: Court wrong in its pit bull ruling

The Maryland SPCA is disappointed by the recent Maryland Court of Appeals ruling ("Pit bulls are inherently dangerous, court rules," April 28). Obviously, it is tragic when anyone is hurt by an animal. These very sad situations can almost always be avoided by responsible pet ownership.

To prevent dog bites and attacks, owners must supervise their animals (especially around children), train and socialize their pets, and, most importantly, neuter their dogs. A dog that has not been neutered is three times more likely to bite, according to the Humane Society of the United States. Dogs make wonderful family pets if provided with this critical, yet simple, care from their owners.

The Maryland SPCA offers services to help animals and their owners including spay and neuter surgeries, training and adoptions. We will continue these programs to help both pets and people and to save animals' lives.

Aileen Gabbey, Baltimore

The writer is executive director of The Maryland SPCA.

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