Pit bulls can be loveable, too

I am 14 years and just finishing the 8th grade at Parkville Middle School. I am also a Boy Scout and in the process of earning my Communications Merit Badge. As part of the requirements for this badge, I have to submit a editorial or comment to a local newspaper. I would like to comment on the reader who wrote to your newspaper about the difficulty in dealing with pit bulls — or anydogs — trained to attack ("Some dogs need to be put down," June 10).

My family and I own a pit bull named Rex. I understand why the owners of Blue, the dog that injured an elderly woman in Greektown, would feel the need to put down their pit bull. I just want it to be known that not all pit bulls are bad dogs. We rescued Rex from my uncle, who could not take care of him anymore, and he is currently living with us. We have hired a trainer, Joy Freedman, who works with pit bulls, and he is learning how to come when called, stay, and not to jump on people.

Rex got away from our house, just like what happened with Blue. Fortunately, he did not attack anyone. As the reader said, it can be any dog, not just pit bulls. They have gotten a bad reputation. Our dog is the most lovable and loyal dog. He has become part of our family and we just take it one day at a time.

Bradley Clocker, Baltimore

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