Pit bulls attacks can be avoided through proper training [Letter]

As a certified dog trainer and behaviorist, it seems to me that commentator Tony Solesky gets all of his information from dogsbite.com, a known anti-dog organization that is especially biased against pit breeds ("Making rescued pit bulls pets is an unnatural selection," Nov. 14).

While I sympathize with anyone's personal experience of a dog bite, I must point out that very rarely does a dog attack for no reason and without warning. We domesticated these animals, therefore it is our responsibility to learn to read and understand their signals and behavior and how to deal with it in a calming manner.

It's not that hard. I've taught children to do it. I also question Mr. Solesky's statistics on dog-related fatalities. I work with mainly red zone dogs and keep informed of fatal dog attacks on a daily basis. It infuriates me that one article like this, written by someone with such a personal bias, can influence others and lead to the deaths of thousands of innocent dogs.

Ann Prince

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