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No such thing as a 'pit bull' breed

As one of letter writer Mark T. Pfaff's animal "kooks," I just wish to bring one simple fact to his attention ("The court didn't go far enough on pit bulls," June 22):

Mr. Pfaff mentions not understanding "why anyone would own a dog with a vicious nature." For his information, dogs are not born with vicious natures; circumstances and people are to blame for making them vicious.

Furthermore, there is no such thing as a "pit bull" breed, although several breeds are lumped into this category. I personally have known very gentle Rottweilers, Dobermans and many other dogs that one would likely lump into the same category as pit bulls. By the same token, I have known dogs of "gentle breeds" who have inflicted horrific damage on children.

We are not "kooks," Mr. Pfaff. We simply strive to be well informed and judicious with the information we have, and we can only hope that others do the same.

Leslie K. Murphy, Mount Airy

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