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Attack on pit bulls is harmful [Letter]

I'm sure you are receiving many emails from pit bull owners who were as shocked as I was to see the horrible commentary by Tony Solesky ("An unnatural selection," Nov. 15). I will make this short and say that while I realize that op-ed pieces by definition are opinion-based, you should have thought of the reasons behind why this man wanted to write this piece and the potential repercussions for your city's animal residents.

The Maryland House of Delegates attempted to reverse the court ruling that pit bulls are inherently dangerous last February, and Mr. Solesky is trying to get a rise out of Baltimore residents because his personal crusade is slowly being ignored in favor of showing kindness to animals within the city. His assertion that pit bulls "were bred to be fighters, both physically and in their instinctual behavior, making them a dangerous choice as a companion pet," along with several other comments, are completely inaccurate.

People like Mr. Solesky and commentary like this are putting family pets in danger when someone who is uneducated reads this, sees a pit bull, assumes its dangerous and kills it citing their "own protection." This sadly is not an exaggeration. This actually has happened multiple times to dogs that have shown no aggression whatsoever. I, personally, would like to see a local rescue group, vet or another actual authority on the matter write a rebuttal soon.

Ashley Byer

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