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Scared to live in Baltimore? Try Pigtown [Letter]

I'm sorry to hear about the negative experience in Baltimore City of the author of the letter "Ready to call Baltimore quits" (Jan. 15). I grew up in the Washington suburbs and moved to Baltimore for law school. I purchased a rowhouse in Washington Village/Pigtown. My father was adamantly opposed to that decision, but I have not regretted it at all. I have been here for a little over three years now.

I heard all kinds of negative things about Baltimore before I moved here, but was pleasantly surprised about the city. Yes, Baltimore is not like D.C., but I've been in cities all around the world, and Baltimore really is just another city. I know crime occurs, but I've never been victimized. I may be a bit daring, but I've often walked the streets at night with no qualms. I see sketchy people walk past and loud children (and adults) every so often, but they just go about their business, and most people are actually quite friendly.

I rent my spare bedrooms to students, and no one who has lived in the house has ever had an issue with crime. I know some individuals have decided not to take a room, or even to see the house, because of the negative perception of Pigtown. I always think to myself about these people, "If only they could see for themselves." I also wonder where else they would go in Baltimore.

Maybe you should move to Pigtown. I don't know if I live on an exceptionally good block or what, but I know that Baltimore City really does not seem that bad from my experience.

Thema Willette, Baltimore

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