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Police and firefighters deserve a tax break [Letter]

Law Enforcement

The Sun believes that "exempting police retirement income from state tax would be a mistake" ("Pension pandering," Aug. 12).

Fair enough. But when I reached the fourth paragraph of your editorial I began to see red. The inference is that "we" provide for our police and firefighters "far more generously" than we do for almost any other occupation, even within government.

How about the Congress of the United States, an amalgamation of career politicians firmly entrenched close to the public teat? It's no wonder they fight so hard to keep getting elected. We taxpayers pay them 200 percent the rate we earn. And they still vote themselves raises every now and then.

We're told we have to pay these outrageous salaries to attract "good people" into government service. That must work, because we already have the best politicians that money can buy!

My mail man, dog catcher, the man who mows my lawn, the check-out girl at the super market and my garbage man all do more for me than my so-called political representatives. As for attracting "good people," there are none better than the police officers we entrust with the responsibility to make split-second decisions regarding life and death.

If politicians can tax the rain, they can give those officers a tax break too, and our firefighters are entitled to the same treatment.

Robert L. DiStefano, Abingdon

The writer is a retired Baltimore City police officer.

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