Retirees are leaving Maryland in droves, and I'm next [Letter]

"Pension pandering" (Aug. 13) is a laughably misinformed and woefully inaccurate opinion piece. As Maryland retirees are leaving the state in droves, the state tax on pensions issue is a non-issue. The notion of revenue loss simply a product of progressive daydreaming. These folks are going to Delaware, the Carolinas or Florida where the state governments' desire to tax and spend is kept in check by the people's common sense. And as we all know, common sense is in short supply in both Annapolis and on Calvert Street.

By the way, I don't advise standing between me and the Woodrow Wilson Bridge. I retired last fall and will soon be joining the other Maryland retirees who've had enough of the Formerly Free State's money grabbing policies. My retirement income is not an unrestricted ATM for the governor and General Assembly.

Mike Rausa, Forest Hill

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