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Legislature should stop O'Malley's pension grab [Letter]

PensionsInterior PolicyPension and WelfareExecutive BranchMartin O'Malley

A person works hard for many years to achieve a pension for retirement. It's scary to hear that Gov. Martin O'Malley wants to divert $100 million from the state pension fund for next year's budget and to make this a permanent happening. Thankfully, Treasurer Nancy K. Kopp and Comptroller Peter Franchot appeared before the Senate to state how this withdrawal can affect the state's overall credit rating of the state pension money and what the withdraw can do to pension benefits and other matters ("Franchot, Kopp fight transfer of pension money," Feb. 26).

It's time for people to speak up and react to the governor's proposal and it's effect on the pension system. People work hard for the pension, and they deserve to know the system will remain solvent and that workers will get what is due without the threat of benefit cuts.

Helen Zeitzoff

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PensionsInterior PolicyPension and WelfareExecutive BranchMartin O'Malley
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