Pension borrowing a bad deal

I read the recent article by Alison Knezevich regarding the Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz's proposal to invest county pension funds in the stock market with disbelief and aggravation ("Baltimore County weighs pension bonds," Oct. 14).

Why are these politicians allowed to "borrow" funds that affect so many pensioners without actually allowing those pensioners the opportunity to say no?

If this very risky venture should fail in 30 years, the proponents will be out of office and someone else will be blamed for the lack of funds remaining. This is another example of our politicians playing god. If this venture does occur, all officials, including the County Council, should be voted out of office. Wouldn't it be a novel idea if our elected officials actually represented their constituents?

Can this proposed pension funds venture be forced to referendum so all can vote on it? If so, how do we make the vote happen?

Elected officials, has it occurred to you that robbing the county pension funds to "play the stock market" may end in significant losses and pensioners will be denied the income they earned?

Let us also suggest to our presidential candidates that Social Security, Medicare, and pension funds were not established to be used as "slush funds" at officials' whim but should be voted on by all individuals involved. Any health plan should not include a board of individuals that decide if patients can see the doctor of their choice or to deny any sick individual the right to treatment. I am in favor of helping the needy, but I do not want to lose the coverages I have worked and paid for.

David Thompson, Baltimore

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