Penn State football deserves worse

Oh please, Penn Staters, get over yourselves. I went to University of Vermont, and while we didn't have a football program, we had a world class ski team, an idyllic campus, a strong community, and yes, Susan Reimer, even an outstanding dairy bar that made its own ice cream that was better than Ben & Jerry's, as any local can tell you ("Why they wept for Penn State," July 26). But if our ski team coaches had done anything as remotely disgusting and horrible as the coaches at Penn State, I would expect them to not just get the slap on the wrist the Penn State football program received. I would demand that the ski team be abolished and UVM be banned from the NCAA forever. Anything less would be a whitewash and an insult to the children who were victimized.

The way these Penn State whiners act, you'd think that their school had been razed to the ground and all Penn State diplomas voided. But that isn't what happened at all. As far as I can tell, aside from the (well-deserved) shame that everyone associated with the university will suffer, classes will still go on, people will still graduate, receive their diplomas, and go on to successful careers in just about every field imaginable. Sure, maybe the graduates will think twice about hanging that Penn State diploma on the wall, but so what? In the long run, the only one suffering is the Penn State football program, and I don't think they're suffering nearly enough. The football program should be disbanded, and Penn State should never be allowed to compete in NCAA football again. Ever.

Now that would be justice.

William Smith, Baltimore

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