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Pelosi, The Sun offer distractions from real issues [Letter]

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi met with the editorial board of The Sun and educated them, who in turn educated us, on the important issues of the day ("An appeal to women voters," July 20). I was under the mistaken impression that the critical issues of the day included resolving the problem of young and homeless children crossing our borders, cleaning up the mess at the Veterans' Administration, cleaning up the mess known as Obamacare, cleaning up the mess at the IRS, cleaning up our budget mess that results in annual one-half to one-trillion-dollar federal budget deficits, the looming bankruptcy of the Social Security Disability Fund, the terrible poverty and unemployment in our inner cities, and public school systems that do not teach.

Wrong! According to Nancy Pelosi and her friends at The Sun, the real problem is that Hobby Lobby provides only 16 out of the 20 contraceptives mandated by Obamacare, and the United States Supreme court let them get away with it. Thus, Ms. Pelosi and The Sun are only too happy to launch the campaign against the faux Republican "war on women" since this will distract everyone from the previously stated real problems. The only war that exists currently in this country is the war by President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party on working families, health insurance policyholders, small businesses, persons of faith and taxpayers. So much for hope and change.

Robert C. Erlandson, Ellicott City

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