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The media doesn't just ignore the ethical lapses of liberals

The writer from Marriottsville must have thrown a shoulder out of joint congratulating herself on detecting media bias in The Sun due to the alleged under-reporting of Rep. Nancy Pelosi's ethical difficulties concerning insider information ("Sun conveniently omits Pelosi's misdeed," Nov. 28). But two can play this game. It is obvious that media under-reporting or even intentional distortion of the news is not limited to left of center media sources.

A good example of this is the Pulitzer Prize winning reporting of David Barstow, who revealed how retired generals working as radio and televisions analysts disguised themselves as "impartial" in order help the Pentagon make its case for war in Iraq. Like Ms. Pelosi, these retired generals had undisclosed ties to companies that benefited from policies they defended. ABC, CBS, NBC MSNBC CNN and Fox utilized these bloodthirsty sycophants, suppressed their bias from viewers and to make matters worse kept completely silent about Mr. Barstow's report even though it sparked Congressional inquiries, vehement objections from presidential candidates and allegations that the Pentagon program violated legal prohibitions on domestic propaganda programs.

When Mr. Barstow won the prize, CNN ran an 898-word story on the various Pulitzer winners describing virtually every winner but did not so much as mention his name.

Whereas Ms. Pelosi at the worst simply augmented her purse, these retired generals helped deceive this nation into a bombastically stupid, cruel, useless expense of blood and treasure.

Paul R. Schlitz Jr., Baltimore

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