Cut taxes for job creators, not salaried workers

As more Baby Boomers start receiving Social Security benefits, more and more strain will be put on that system. Social Security is supposed to be paid for with payroll taxes, but President Obama and his party, with the foolish support of the GOP, call for reducing those taxes to spur economic growth.

The results are in, and growth is anemic at best. Unemployment is well north of 8 percent and would have been even higher if so many people hadn't already given up looking for work.

Meanwhile, the proven growth policies of lower marginal tax rates and lower capital gains are being resisted by Mr. Obama's Washington and its cheerleaders at The Sun, on the grounds that job creators who invest money and effort in new enterprises to make money are being "unfair."

Is it any wonder that our economy remains stagnant, but our budget deficits continue to balloon with an ever increasing burden on our children and grandchildren?

Until Mr. Obama and the Washington politicians cease promoting election-year bread and circus gimmicks, we will have nether a sound economy nor any meaningful entitlement reform.

Robert C. Erlandson, Lutherville

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