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Highway funding needed — and concrete, too [Letter]

In regard to the commentary by Brian Dolan ("Get riled up over roadways," July 14), I am in a similar position to Mr. Dolan of the Maryland Asphalt Association, as I work for the Maryland Ready Mix Concrete Association. I, of course, disagree with Mr. Dolan's recent comments disparaging concrete paving. As another reader commented, we should be allowing our transportation departments to design, build and maintain our roadways using real-life cycle cost analysis tools and competitive bidding systems that are readily available.

However, I do support Mr. Dolan's call to action for highway funding and working to educate the public about what is happening with our infrastructure. I'm concerned about how our member companies move their products around this state. Roads are the arteries of our economy. They are getting clogged, and we're going to experience a major coronary if we don't change things soon.

Maryland can and should be giving its taxpayers the best roads for the best cost.

Thomas Evans, Frederick

The writer is executive director of the Maryland Ready Mix Concrete Association.

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