Setting the record straight on Ron Paul

In response to the recent letter written by Elizabeth Fixsen ("Paul is anti-war — but otherwise extremist," Jan. 5), I suggest that Ms. Fixsen check her facts. She states that Ron Paul is anti-abortion. The fact is Mr. Paul, a physician, does not personally believe in abortion, but he does not believe that it is the government's right to stop a woman from having one. Big difference.

He is anti-Federal Reserve. Anyone who has witnessed how the Fed has ruined our economy would be crazy to still support the Fed's actions. Ms. Fixsen goes on to state that Mr. Paul is anti-immigration. Again, Ms. Fixsen should check her facts. Mr. Paul believes in limited immigration and not providing a free ride to those who are here illegally. Once again, big difference.

She then states that Mr. Paul is anti-Environmental Protection Agency, which is true. However, her statement of his favoring of "drilling for oil by any and all means everywhere on the North American continent" is simply ludicrous. Mr. Paul believes that the EPA prevents any sort of responsible drilling. It's very obvious that, as a country, we need to tap the resources in a responsible way.

Mr. Paul is also not anti-health care reform. He does not believe in the way that it is currently being done.

And shame on The Sun for printing the obvious ramblings of an uninformed person.

Brian Fitzpatrick, Catonsville

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