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Patrol helps everyone in Northwest

Congratulations on an excellent piece recently published by your paper ("For 30 years, watching out for Northwest," Nov. 30). Reporter Justin George did a fantastic job portraying the Northwest Citizens Patrol and the job that we do.

I did want to make one point that I feel is important to clarify. In the article, one non-Jewish member of our community stated that he felt that we are only looking to help other Jewish residents. That is the farthest thing from the truth.

During the recent storm, information was handed out to churches and African-American community organizations on how to reach us and what services we provide. We responded to multiple calls to assist non-Jewish individuals with flooding problems and storm-related emergencies. During other times, we receive calls from all members of the community — African-American, Hispanic and white. In fact, as recently as last Wednesday night, we assisted the Baltimore Police Department with a search for a missing African-American teenage girl.

We are proud to say that we provide and will continue to provide equal level of service to anyone who needs help within our patrol area, regardless of ethnic or racial factors. Our mission and goal is to serve everyone in the community fairly, equally and completely.

David Cohen, Baltimore

The writer is Northwest Citizens Patrol operations coordinator.

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