Not all at Penn State have done wrong

What a terrible time the students, graduates, teachers and faculty of Penn State are experiencing these past few weeks. To have the entire reputation of the university teeter on the choices of certain few men is very tragic indeed. A nation watches as an otherwise esteemed institution tries to regroup and forge ahead.

I do not believe Joe Paterno was an inherently evil man. I liken his situation to that of a person passing by a flaming house, hearing the wails of a trapped child inside, walking on, doing nothing to help that child. Like Coach Paterno, that hypothetical man chose to walk on and bury the incident deep in his subconscious.

Sometimes the choices of otherwise inherently good people can have devastating after-effects on so many innocent people. However, let's not prejudge the tens of thousands of people who are, or were, affiliated with this fine institution who are in no way linked to the doings of a few misguided self-serving dishonest men.

Patrick R. Lynch, Nottingham

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