Paterno's failure to speak up, not his football record, will be his legacy

I do not follow college or professional sports; however, I am aware of certain coaches and players that have become icons in our world. Joe Paterno was synonymous with Penn State. To many he represented college athletics at its pinnacle. The playing of a sport is often used as a metaphor for life — its joy and its vicissitudes. Young people look up and revere their coaches. The fact that Mr. Paterno heard a report of a child being sexually molested and told this to his superiors but did not follow through is an egregious act on his part. Mr. Paterno has had a long and illustrious run with Penn State football, but in my mind all this pales in the face of his "sin of omission." His lack of integrity is what will always stand, not his heroic football record.

Dovey Kahn, Baltimore

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