Gansler party a teachable moment

Maryland Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler knew that these kids are going to "party" after graduation ("Gansler's public duty, parental strategy collide," Oct. 24).

I am 66 years old and even the non-drinkers had a sip or two at our party to celebrate this rite of passage. Congratulations to Mr. Gansler and the other parents for providing a safe environment for their transition to adulthood. Mr. Gansler's presence shows his interest in making sure that things were not getting out of hand.

This party provides a teachable moment for these new adults — when your name is on the lease, you pay for the damages. The parents need to pay for the damages and then collect the money from their kids. Done right, this will be a lesson they won't forget.

Dan Shannahan, Fullerton

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