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The problem isn't politics, it's partisanship

What you have described is a bad case of partisan politics, not the participatory political zone where citizens live and breathe ("The $47 million deal," Oct. 27).

Politics is where ever citizens get together, talk together, disagree together. Open and transparent free speech and peaceable assembly.

Not the behind the doors push and pull of lobbyists and seasoned arm twisters.

That you would bring this to the attention of your readers, I applaud. That you condone it and in fact suggest that the new test for your approval is whether it serves the common good of some who may or may not need the swag is what's shocking to me.

I would like to know how you draw the conclusion that nothing "would happen in a legislative body that abstains from politics," by which you evidently mean partisan politics. Where in Maryland history have you even got an example to give us?

In a conversation with a new delegate in Annapolis during the last session, I asked what happened to some issues for which the delegate had campaigned and on which I cast my favorable vote for the delegate's election. "Oh, things are different once you get to Annapolis."

Exactly what we need today is more politics without the partisanship, and way more choices than the usual suspects to vote for.

We don't need to be shocked, and we don't need editorials that support such personal partisan incentive in our government.

Betsy Cunningham, Baltimore

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