Permits aren't answer to Hampden's parking shortage [Letter]

City Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke is out of touch with a majority of her constituents ("Hampden parking woes lead to call for strict limits," July 17). I don't believe that most Hampden residents are in favor of permit parking. I am sure that some would like to see this happen, but they forget that they have to pay for that privilege. It also does not guarantee that they will be able to park near their homes, just in the zone.

Meanwhile, where is her concern for residents when events cause severe parking issues? When Hampdenfest has its "popular" toilet race, we who live on the 3500 block of Chestnut Avenue can't park at our homes at all because of the race. If you don't leave town, you have to seek parking as soon as possible far away from home and can't move again. All are aware of this, so it has gotten to point that you should do this on Friday afternoon.

People constantly park in front of our homes trying to not feed the limited metered spaces available on The Avenue (that's 36th Street for you non-residents). Some sort of parking garage or lot is the only solution to this problem.

A few years ago a neighbor started a petition for the angled parking which we now have, and I gladly signed it. It is the only blessing to our parking problems, and I still on many occasions have to search for a space, repeatedly riding around all the closer blocks. I still have to park many blocks away at times, and what would it be if we didn't have angle parking?

Having said that, I still do not want permit parking as I feel we are already giving the city more funds than other jurisdictions. Property taxes and water-sewer bills come to mind. Baltimore County residents pay way less on average than do city residents. Hey, wait, isn't it essentially the same system, owned and operated by the city? Are county residents subsidized by the county or are we just charged more? My apologies as that's off of the subject. We need help parking in Hampden.

D. L. Semler, Baltimore

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