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Maryland supports Planned Parenthood proudly

After the discouraging news emanating out of the Trump White House regarding all the cuts and the continued efforts to gut funding for Planned Parenthood, I breathed a sigh of relief that our Maryland General Assembly gave final passage to the bill created to protect this most important organization ("General Assembly votes to step in if Congress yanks funding for Planned Parenthood," March 28).

This is a prophylactic measure to ensure that Maryland women, especially those with low incomes, will be able to get the health care they need if the Republican-controlled Congress gets their way and eviscerates the budget for Planned Parenthood. Even though no federal funds go toward abortions, Republican conservatives still want to de-fund the entire organization. And even though not all Planned Parenthood centers are equipped to perform abortions, the Republicans still want no federal funds going anywhere near this invaluable organization.

Maybe if they took the time to actually read about Planned Parenthood, opponents might realize how much good the organization does to help women get quality health care. I'm so proud to be a Marylander right now, especially when I read that our General Assembly is the first state legislature in the country to do so. I will be even prouder if Gov. Larry Hogan signs the bill into law.

Barbara Blumberg, Baltimore

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