Sarah Palin: A hero to failing history students everywhere

Dearest Sarah,

You are my hero! It would have been so easy to say, "Oops, I misspoke. You see, I've been on the road, I haven't slept much, and I have this terrible fire in the belly. Of course, Paul Revere wasn't warning the British…"

But no. You stuck to your story with, "I know my American history." What do those Bostonians know about Paul Revere anyway? The important thing here is that you looked so attractive while saying it!

Where were you, Sarah Palin, when I was getting a "D" in American history in college? Had I only known that defending my incorrect test answers was an option.

You are my hero, Sarah, and if you decide to run for president, you have my vote. I can only guess how many jobs will be created rewriting history books.

Peggy Rowe, Perry Hall

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