No reason to deny recognition to Palestine

I was disappointed with the genuflection of your editorial opposing U.N. recognition of an independent Palestinian state ("A painful veto," Sept. 19). The U.S. should support membership in the U.N. for Palestine. What are The Sun and President Obama thinking about otherwise? Doesn't the U.S. support the right of self-determination for all people in the world? Having a voice in the U.N. General Assembly is part of that process. Palestine has had its land stolen without compensation for years. It is long past time for them to obtain the representation that they deserve.

Of course, there are issues that need to be resolved between Israel and Palestine. But just as it would be absurd to insist that Israel give up its membership in the U.N. before it can negotiate with Palestine, it is absurd to link Palestine's U.N. membership to its negotiations with Israel. Israel's leaders need to grow up and deal with Palestine fairly and forthrightly, and that does not involve cutting Palestine off from the democratic process.

Christopher Boardman

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