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Cut the pies, Adam Jones [Letter]

As the Orioles continue their winning season and hold a lead in the American League East, it is exciting to see many different players contributing to the success. It is truly a team effort. Many players have had the opportunity to be featured in MASN's post-game interview. It's unfortunate that again and again, Adam Jones finds it necessary to steal their moment in the spotlight by throwing a pie in their face on live TV ("The Orioles are pitching Dangerously Delicious victory pies," June 13).

He is making it about himself while depriving viewers who might actually want to hear what the hero of the game has to say. It is a childish prank that was amusing the first few times but has long since run its course. Mr. Jones should show some maturity and let his teammates enjoy their chances to be recognized for their achievements.

David Knowles, Severna Park

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