Angelos ought to leave O's next[Letter]

As a lifelong fan of the Baltimore Orioles, there is nothing more I wanted this Christmas than for my team to land a top-notch free agent. Instead of reading about the O's signing a Carlos Beltran or Shin-Soo Choo, the only announcements out of the warehouse were related to the Grant Balfour fiasco ("Orioles appear to believe Balfour is too much of a risk to warrant $15 million," Dec. 21). And then there was losing out on fan-favorite Nate McLouth. Oh, and losing the veteran presence and productive bat of Brian Roberts to the Yankees because we did not make him an offer. Is this some kind of bad joke?

I am writing this letter in hopes of Peter Angelos (or perhaps someone who assists him in his meddling in baseball decisions) will read it and take action. Peter, please sell the team. We understand you are a very wealthy man and obviously very financially astute. You're in the business of making money, and the team's profits have obviously added to your great wealth. The Orioles mean a lot more to this city than they do to you and it has become obvious that your primary concern is fattening your wallet and not bringing this city a championship.

If you do not take my advice and decide to keep making money off a team you obviously could not care less about, please do me one favor. Head over across the street one day and meet with Ravens owner Steve Biscotti. He could teach you a thing or two about being loyal to a team's fan base and doing whatever it takes to bring home a championship. But, of course, you're probably too busy counting the money you've just made yourself through bad baseball decisions.

Getting rid of unproductive, aging players who are way past their prime in favor of young, fresh talent from the minors is known as "addition by subtraction." If and when Mr. Angelos finally sells off the Orioles to an owner who actually wants to win a World Series, this will undoubtedly be a shining example of the beauty of "addition by subtraction."

Gregory Prush, Baltimore

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