Orioles putting on a good show

In regards to the recent letter from Paul Marx ("Orioles management sets a bad example," June 22), I am struck by the negativity and uninformed statements.

First, the loud music is part of what makes going to the ballpark so much fun. He should bring his own ear plugs if he has a problem.

Second, the Orioles are not cheating by asking fans to vote for Orioles players to be in the All-Star game as often as they can. This is how the All-Star votes are set up and a little research would show that.

Finally, the stadium lights are turned on to even out the lighting for the players on the field, especially during pop-up plays. Trust me, other stadiums such as Towson University's ballpark do not turn on their stadium lighting just because the Orioles do. They do it for better playing conditions.

Let's be positive about our Orioles, not negative!

Susan O'Connell

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