The legacy of Oriole Bob Young [Letter]

The Sun has done an excellent job commemorating the 60th anniversary of the St. Louis Browns becoming the Baltimore Orioles ("The Orioles: Sixty Years in Baltimore," March 30).

It was a class act for the Orioles to invite former shortstop Billy Hunter to throw the ceremonial pitch on the exact date of the first home game.

Billy Hunter's outstanding double-play partner at second base was the late Bob Young, the only native Marylander to arrive in Baltimore with the former Browns. Young played several years in St. Louis and Baltimore and retired with the Cleveland Indians.

Young grew up in Rockdale on Liberty Road and played baseball on championship Catonsville High School baseball teams in 1941 and 1942. His journey in professional baseball was delayed three years by service in the U.S. Marine Corps in the South Pacific during World War II.

Casey Stengel, manager of the New York Yankees, paid Young a great compliment when he said: "Only two guys pivot properly on the double play — my fellow and the fellow in Baltimore."

As leadoff man, Young was the first Oriole to bat in the stadium on 33rd Street.

Robert Y. Dubel, Glen Arm

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