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Kudos to the O's for hiring the only vegan player in Major League Baseball

As a Baltimore native, Orioles spring training season ticket holder and longtime Jeremy Guthrie fan, I'm saddened that my favorite pitcher was traded to the Rockies ("Orioles' spring version of the show: 'As the Rotation Turns,'" Feb. 8).

But the recent acquisition of relief pitcher Pat Neshek — the only known vegan player in the Majors —definitely softens the blow. I'll cheer for a vegan pitcher any day — even if he blows more than eight saves.

Anyone who spares animals, helps save the environment and promotes healthy living is a champion in my book. The O's may have lost one classy, selfless pitcher, but they're gaining another in his place.

Heather Moore, Sarasota, Fla.

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