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Baltimore O's: The thrill is gone

Anyone who follows the Baltimore Orioles can see they are playing about the way they have for over a decade.

They seemingly still can't beat the top-tier teams in their division, their starting pitching has been faltering and so far their bullpen has had some forgettable moments. Same old story, different year.

Talented ball players with stellar major-league resumes were purchased in the off-season to turn the team's fortunes around, but unfortunately those players have not been performing up to expectations. There was talk of ridding the organization of its recent culture of losing, yet attendance is lagging and all signs point to it being another long, insufferable summer.

The most upsetting thought to me is that if Buck Showalter cannot turn the team's fortunes around, who can? Perhaps we fans expected too much of him. After all, he is merely mortal. But at the risk of sounding overly cynical, I believe a return to the Orioles' glory days could still be light years away.

Patrick R. Lynch, Nottingham

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