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Solar power is so much simpler than wind

I'm concerned about Gov. Martin O'Malley's continuing push for wind energy off of Maryland's coast ("O'Malley to push for wind yet again," Jan. 13). I'm not opposed to wind energy as such, but I am in favor of spending taxpayer's dollars efficiently. Offshore wind turbines represent a tremendous engineering and long-term maintenance project.

Has anyone in state government considered solar power instead of wind? Solar is so much simpler; it has no moving parts and thus little requirement for maintenance. The energy produced can be used right where it is produced.

There is plenty of free real estate atop government office buildings and schools. New school construction should be mandated to include solar; that is something I bet we could all agree on.

We really need to spend our money efficiently. Wouldn't solar be a better investment than offshore wind? Has anyone in our state government heard of the KISS methodology? It does not stand for "Keep It Simple, Solar" — but it could.

David Plaut, Reisterstown

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