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O'Malley should pump his own gas once in a while

It is obvious that Gov.Martin O'Malleyneither drives a car nor has a boat. He also must not pay tolls, property tax or electric bills, buy food or purchase tags for automobiles, or pay in-state college tuition for non-illegal aliens. If he had to do these things, he would better understand why the folks in his state are frustrated. You cannot keep charging the few who have jobs and taking everything they have to finance programs that are wasteful, stupid and just lack common sense.

I am not one of the cowards that his wife spoke about, but I feel too much time and money was spent on the gay marriage issue along with the electric company giveaway that everyone knew he would approve. How about fixing some potholes and selling abandoned state property to finance your agenda?

In case the governor does buy a car it is 180 big ones to get tags for two years. People say the motto of the state of Maryland is, "you dream it, we'll tax it." I am starting to be a believer.

M. Owrutsky, Owings Mills,

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