O'Malley storm: Lot of hot air, not much relief

Recently, Gov. Martin O'Malleysaid he was going to make sure that Baltimore Gas and Electric and Pepco stayed on the ball and move swiftly to restore utility order to our state ("Post-storm swelter," July 2). I'm sure that motivated all BGE employees out there in 100-degree heat. Maybe he should ride around handing out cold bottles of water to these guys and gals working so hard to restore power to us. At least that would be something that would actually help.

Or better yet, maybe all of the people should go out and thank a BGE employee working in their neighborhood and hand out cold water. Governor O'Malley could then go back to Annapolis where he belongs.

Also, maybe we could have a "Name the Storm" contest. This storm, like ones in the past, will be talked about for a long time to come. Names like Agnes, Isabel and Irene will be remembered, but I'm not so sure calling it a "derecho" storm will cut it. This is Balamar, hon, so let's call it something like "The O'Malley wind storm" or some name that we will be able to remember.

Les Brown, Perry Hall

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