Time for a major sea change in Maryland

I am bearing down on 60 years and am a lifelong resident of Maryland. I will add that I have never voted for a Republican gubernatorial candidate. The time might be appropriate for a major sea change in our beleaguered state.

I am a bit skeptical about Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown, for fear that his election would simply mean more of the same Democratic folly, whose mantra seems to be "why not tax it"? The only inherent difference between the governor and the lieutenant governor is that Mr. Brown was "minding the store" while our absentee governor was traipsing all over the map, assessing the nation's pulse for a new democratic candidate for the United States presidency. Really? While holding the highest office in our state?

And what's up with the two Mikes, owners of the worst hairstyles in our state capital? (Where did Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller get the idea for his hairstyle, from a 1780s delegate)?

I hear of people who are going to flee the state for more welcome environments, and that is a definitive red flag. Perhaps they wish to move to a place where the governor keeps his keister in the state capital (as he is paid to do) and focuses on real and pressing matters here in our gem by the Chesapeake.

Is it any wonder we so seldom hear the words "politician" and role model in the same breath?

Patrick R. Lynch, Nottingham

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