Md. has too many problems for O'Malley to be focused on the national stage

As a Democratic candidate for governor in 2014, I am appalled at the article, "O'Malley taking effort national" (July 31) which describes Gov. Martin O'Malley's raising $500,000 for his potential campaign for president.

He clearly is shortchanging the citizens of Maryland with the time and effort he is investing in this presidential operation when he should be focusing 100 percent of his time and energy on all of the problems of Marylanders.

Think about this: While he plans presidential moves, Governor O'Malley's constituents in Maryland are suffering from a host of problems, ranging from unemployment to crime to drug abuse and sub-par education. This is outrageous behavior on his part.

If I'm elected governor I'm going to spend my one term commitment to the citizens of Maryland, making them my number one priority. I'll give it 100 percent effort in trying to pave the way for resolutions to the state's problems.

The current governor is demonstrating where his priority lies and that the goal of becoming the president of the United States takes on more importance than serving the people in Maryland.

Ralph Jaffe, Baltimore

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