Despite ambition, Martin O'Malley will never make it to the Oval Office

Dan Rodricks' column about Gov. Martin O'Malley's potential run for the presidency was full of puffery but short on actual reasons why Mr. O'Malley would make a good candidate ("Martin O'Malley starts to take his victory lap," Aug. 20).

Throughout Mr. O'Malley's time in office, we have seen many increased fees as well as a flurry of new taxes, such as the highly controversial "rain tax."

Mr. O'Malley's unfortunate decisions have harmed the middle class and driven businesses out of the state. Thanks to the governor, Maryland is now considered to be one of the least business-friendly states in America.

Let's say Mr. O'Malley is as ambitious, charismatic and politically savvy as Mr. Rodricks makes him out to be. His performance in the early polls hardly reflects it. According to a recent Washington Post poll, only 7 percent of Maryland Democrats would choose Mr. O'Malley in a 2016 presidential primary.

That's single digits, Mr. Rodricks. I urge you to please take off your rose-colored glasses and scale back the hype a bit. Mr. O'Malley has no chance of becoming a serious presidential contender any time soon.

Gregory Prush, Pikesville

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